Sir Cliff Richard still considers becoming a father

Bachelor pop star Cliff Richard, who has been performing since the 1950s, still ponders on having children.

The 71-year-old, who has never married – but has been associated with a number of women over the years, told The Birmingham Mail he hasn’t ruled out becoming a father.

“I originally wanted to be married and have children but I got out of that quickly after two or three false alarms,” he said in the local paper, adding, “still, never say never,”

The singer who has spent 53 years in the entertainment industry however has no regrets about putting his career first, “I’m really happy being a bachelor. I like the freedom I have to travel,”

Earlier this week a radio station pulled a publicity stunt by announcing they wouldn’t be playing Sir Cliff’s music. The free publicity gained for the station may have done them some good but it hasn’t done Cliff any harm,

“I’m not hurt,” he said. “They can’t end my career. I’ve just had a number ten album [aged] 71. How can I possibly grumble?

“But it’s unfair to the public, it’s telling a lie. By omitting someone’s music, it’s telling a lie about the past.”

Birmingham also proved Richard ‘still has it’ with hundreds of devoted fans attending a signing event held to plug his new DVD Soulicious. “Birmingham’s always been a special place for me,” Sir Cliff told the Birmingham Mail, adding, “I have great fans here.”