BBC’s Jane Hill confirms civil partnership plans

BBC newsreader Jane Hill has confirmed on Twitter she is to enter into a civil partnership with her partner.

The BBC News Channel anchor came our publicly in 2009 and has now confirmed she intends to enter into a civil partnership with Sara, a television camera operator. The newsreader confirmed the news on Twitter stating ‘Yes, Sara and I are getting hitched’.

Broadsheet newspaper The Daily Telegraph has drawn some criticism for its reporting of the story. The newspapers headline read ‘BBC newsreader Jane Hill is to ‘marry’ a woman cameraman’. Some readers have questioned why the newspaper used quotation marks for the word marry in its headline. The article itself used quotation marks twice; ‘Having “outed” herself as homosexual in the BBC’s staff magazine, Jane Hill has now accepted a “marriage” proposal’. Hill confirmed on Twitter that as well as receiving a lot of support quite a few people had question the use of the quotation marks around the words marry.

Just a matter of weeks ago the coalition government announced plans to hold a public consultation on legalising gay marriage in the UK. At present same-sex couples can enter into civil partnerships which gives them most of the same rights as marriages but there is no legal gay marriage per se. The SNP led Scottish administration is also holding a public consultation on legalising gay marriage and has stated it is “inclined” to do so.