Michele Bachman ends Presidential campaign

Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann has ended her campaign to be selected, by the Republican Party, to stand against President Obama in the forthcoming elections in America.

The darling of the Tea Party made the announcement following her poor showing at the Iowa Caucuses. The caucuses was narrowly won by Mitt Romney by just eight votes with Rick Santorum coming second though in terms of share of the vote the two both had 25%. Bachmann came a disappointing sixth and had just 5% of the vote. The hopeful had originally urged voters and supporters not to allow the results of the caucuses in Iowa to determine the result of the campaign.

However, in something of a surprise move Bachmann has formally withdrawn from the running for the Republican candidacy. Ricky Perry, who finished just above Bachmann, is said to be considering his next step. At this stage though its thought unlikely that Perry will withdraw from the contest.

In a news conference on Wednesday Bachmann stated ‘Last night the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice and so I have decided to stand aside.’ As yet the controversial Tea Party member has yet to endorse another candidate. Like most of her fellow Republican hopefuls Bachmann has strong views on religion – she hoped to appeal to religious ultra-conservatives – and is an opponent of gay marriage and other gay rights. {jcomments off}