Noel Clarke joins Star Trek 2

Noel ClarkeBritish actor and director Noel Clarke has landed a role in the forthcoming new Star Trek movie.

Variety reports the actor has been cast in J.J Abrams sequel to the 2009 Box Office hit which re-launched the Star Trek film franchise. The highly anticipated sequel is expected to begin production this year with a release date set for next Summer. According to Variety actor Noel Clarke has been cast as a “family man with a wife and young daughter” but apart from that there are no further details.

Clarke is already familiar to sci-fi fans for his role of Mickey Smith on Doctor Who, the on/off boyfriend of companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Clarke played the recurring role in the first two seasons of the revived Doctor Who returning for the season four finale Journey’s End and also for a cameo appearance in David Tennant’s last story, in the lead role, The End of Time. Away from the world of sci-fi the actor is known for his roles in Metrosexuality and Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Clarke has also turned his hand at directing with films such as Kidulhood and sequel Adulthood under his belt.