Mitt Romney claims victory in New Hampshire

American FlagRepublican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has claimed victory in the New Hampshire primary as he takes another step-forward in his bid to represent the party in this year’s presidential elections.

Romney’s campaign to be the Republican parties candidate against President Barrack Obama has claimed a second victory; this time in New Hampshire. Romney has won 40% of the vote with the majority of the counting now over. Romney has a vast lead in New Hampshire over his fellow Republican hopefuls with Ron Paul coming second with 23%.

Romney’s landslide win in New Hampshire comes following his narrow victory on the Iowan caucuses last week in which he had just eight votes more than Rick Santorum. In New Hampshire though Santorum did not enjoy a good level of support with just 9.3% of the vote narrowly behind Newt Gingrich who had 9.4% of the vote. Rick Perry, whose anti-gay video was widely criticised Rick Santorumand spoofed, had just 0.7% of the vote placing his future campaign in doubt.

Following the Iowan caucuses last week hopeful Michele Bachmann pulled out of the campaign following her poor turn out in the state. Given Perry’s poor performance in New Hampshire questions will be raised over his future. Questions over Santorum’s future may also be asked as his share of the vote in New Hampshire compared to Iowa was low. However, Santorum has faced tougher opposition from voters in New Hampshire with his anti-gay views having met hostile receptions several times. {jcomments off}