BBC Trust expected to reject local radio cuts

The BBC Trust is expected to reject the corporation’s controversial plans for cuts to its local radio services.

The Beeb’s proposals to cut £15 million from the budgets of the corporation’s local radio stations went down like a lead balloon with listeners, MP’s and even religious leaders.

The proposals were part of the BBC’s Delivering Quality First which seeks to cut costs at the BBC in light of the licence fee freeze. It was one of several proposals which were met with hostility with another being the scrapping of BBC Two’s daytime schedules.

Media Guardian reports that the BBC Trust is unlikely to approve the corporation’s proposals for funding cuts to its 40 local radio stations which could, some predict, result in job losses of around 300 and would have a drastic impact on services to local areas. The BBC Trust is likely to ask the corporation to look again at the proposals and reduce the amount if aims to cut from the budgets from the stations.

Media Guardian also reports the Trust is also unhappy with proposed cuts to BBC One’s regional current affairs strand Inside Out which faces a huge cut of 40% from its annual budget.

The Delivering Quality First proposals have not been warmly received by the majority of people with the prospect of huge job losses within several departments (such as News), the cutback or closure of other services and more repeats causing anger and controversy amongst licence fee payers.