Washington State approves bill for gay marriage

The state of Washington has voted to approve a bill to bring marriage equality to the American state.


The state had previously indicated it would likely move towards marriage rights for gay couples. According to reports the State senate approved the bill for marriage equality by 28 votes to 21. It will now move to the House of Representatives where, reports indicate, it is likely to pass without major opposition. The state’s governor, Christine Gregoire, could sign the bill into law very shortly making Washington the seventh state to allow gay couples to marry; others include Iowa and New York.


Governor Gregoire, speaking before the bill was introduced, said ‘It is time in Washington state for marriage equality. It’s the right thing to do’. Gregoire has since released a video pledging her support for gay marriage.

A bigger battle for marriage equality looms on the horizon as the hopefuls in the Republican presidential race have all pledged to make amendments to the American constitution which would outright ban gay marriages and invalidate existing ones.