Bishop of Salisbury calls for Church to rethink its views on homosexuality

Nicholas Holtam, the Bishop of Salisbury, has called for the Church of England to rethink its stance on homosexuality.

Holtam has argued that the Church of England is falling the gay and lesbian community and should rethink its position of homosexuality and gay relationships – and change its views on what the bible has to say on homosexuality. Holtam was speaking to speak to BBC Radio Four when he made his comments regarding the Church and homosexuality.

‘Marriage is between a man and a woman. What has happened now is that we have begun to see in a way, which is not there in the Bible, that there are people in same sex relationships who are living faithfully and lovingly for life..I don’t think there is much there [in the Bible] which addresses the issue of faithful, same sex relationships. We have had the experience of civil partnerships for six years now and we need to review where we are’ Nicholas Holtam on BBC Radio Four

The Bishop’s comments come after 120 members of the clergy wrote a letter to the Church of England asking it to overturn its ban on Civil Partnerships taking place on Church premises. The Clergy want the power themselves to decide whether or not they hold such ceremonies but currently they can not do so without express permission from the Church.

The letter, and now Holtam’s comments, come after the Bishop of York – John Sentamu – spoke out against marriage and said it was not the place of government to redefine marriage. Sentamu’s comments prompted outcry for equal rights protestors and gay marriage campaigners. It is becoming increasingly clear just how divided the Church is on homosexuality with progressive elements battling against those stuck in days long gone by.