Washington’s House of Representatives votes for gay marriage

gay marriageThe state of Washington’s House of Representatives has passed a bill to introduce gay marriage.

The state senate had already passed the bill and Washington’s governor, Christine Gregoire, is a supporter of the bill. It passed through Washington’s House of Representatives with 55 votes in favour to 43 votes opposing. The bill was widely expected to pass through both the state’s senate and house of representatives without much opposition. Technically the bill will come into effect 90 days after Gregoire signs it.

However, opponents of marriage equality have already signalled they are likely to fight the bill – by attempting to introduce a ballot similar to California’s highly controversial Proposition 8. The referendum, banning gay marriage in California, was once again overturned earlier this week by the US 9th District Court of Appeals which found Prop 8 to be “unconstitutional” though that decision is likely to be appealed once more.

Washington is not the only state which is currently attempting to legalise gay marriage; Maryland is also proposing to introduce marriage equality to bring it into line with states such as New York and Iowa.  {jcomments off}