Ade Edmondson blasts soaps

Ade EdmondsonAde Edmondson has blasted British soaps for their negative portrayal of the British public.

The actor was highly critical of the soaps during an interview with Reader’s Digest. Edmondson told the magazine ‘Can someone tell me what’s wrong with a bit of feel-good telly? Haven’t we got enough selfish, aggressive programmes? The soaps are full of unpleasant people. If you watched an average week of British TV, you’d come away thinking we’re a nation of murderous, drink-driving, egotistical con-artists. I’m sorry, but this country’s not like that. The vast majority of us are decent, funny and friendly.’

Soaps are often criticised for their portrayal of certain types of characters with accusations of stereotyping of minority communities often levelled at soaps. The soaps are often routinely criticised for the amount of crime that takes place within them and how characters seem to get away with their actions – murders and violent attacks are now common place within soaps.

Ade Edmondson is no stranger to the world of soaps having played Abra Durant in BBC One’s soapy medical drama Holby City but it will be his role in The Young Ones that he will be best remembered for. He also fronts ITV‘s factual series The Dales.

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