Majority of Iowans oppose gay marriage ban

American FlagA new poll reveals that the majority of people living in the American state of Iowa oppose plans to ban gay marriage.

The American state is one of just a few that currently allows gay couples to marry and that is something opponents want to change. Those who oppose gay marriage want to table an amendment in the state to ban it outright; something a new poll has found the majority in the state oppose.

The survey by Des Moines Register found that 56% of Iowans were opposed to plans to ban gay marriage while 38% were in favour of the ban and 6% were undecided on the issue.

Alongside Iowa states such as New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut allow gay marriage. The state of Washington has recently voted in favour of introducing gay marriage as has New Jersey though the bill looks likely to be vetoed by the Governor in that state. {jcomments off}