Britney Spears for X Factor USA?

X Factor USALouis Walsh claims that Simon Cowell is in talks with pop singer Britney Spears to join X Factor USA.

X Factor USAA new name has entered the frame for a judging role on X Factor USA: Britney Spears. Simon Cowell is searching for two new judges to join Fox‘s X Factor after it was revealed that Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger would not be returning for a second series. Obviously the search for two new judges for the X Factor USA has sparked considerable press interest with several names being bandied about by the press.

Louis Walsh, a judge the ITV version of the X Factor – and the last remaining original judge on the series -, has revealed that Cowell is in talks with pop singer Britney Spears to join the X Factor USA. Walsh is quoted by tabloid newspaper The Mirror as saying ‘I was out with Simon Cowell during the week, he’s in London…You know like you do and I know he is talking to Britney. He’s definitely talking to Britney to do his American show. Absolutely true!’

However, if press reports are to be believed there are also several other names in the running for the two judges roles on the X Factor; Katy Perry, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey and chances are it’s a list that will keep growing as the press throw more and more names into the mix.