Channel 4 announce ‘4seven’

Channel 4 chief executive David Abraham has announced today that a new channel, 4seven, will be launching soon.

Speaking at the FT Digital Media Conference Abraham announced the new catch-up TV channel will give viewers a chance to catch up on the most popular content from Channel 4 from the past seven days.

David Abraham’s full statement:

“With so much choice out there, viewers are increasingly saying they sometimes just miss the best stuff, despite their PVR and VOD. 4seven will give viewers more chances to catch the most popular and talked about Channel 4 shows from the last seven days.

It will schedule the main channel content that is creating noise – amongst social media, bloggers, commentators and of course via contact our viewers have directly with us – and incorporate this buzz into the look and feel of the channel.

Scheduled in close harmony with all our other channels, 4seven will be a powerful way of maximising the audience for the many hours of new Channel 4 programming we launch every week, as well as an opportunity to direct viewers back to Channel 4 to watch more.

The launch of 4seven also supports our strategy of embracing the opportunities of connectivity, by exploring ways to deepen engagement with our viewers and expand the choices we can offer them.”

This is the first new channel that C4 have launched since More4 in 2005. The Hits music channel was re-branded to 4Music in 2008 which is owned by Box Television, a subsidiary of Channel 4 Television.