ITV moves Britain's Got Talent to avoid major clash with The Voice

There will be no clash of the talent contests as the commercial network shift their show.

ITV has rescheduled the launch of the new series of Britain’s Got Talent to avoid a major clash with BBC One’s new talent competition The Voice.

The two shows were scheduled to clash with each other at the end of March was both launched on the same evening. The potential clash was seen, by the press at least, as a bitter war between the veteran Simon Cowell titan and BBC One’s new contender. In fact the press were very keen to play up the battle between the two with talk of a bitter ratings war between ITV and the BBC.

However, at the last minute ITV has pushed back the launch show for Britain’s Got Talent meaning a smaller overlap time with The Voice – and a reduced risk of dented ratings. BGT will now launch at 8pm on Saturday 24th March while The Voice will launch at 7pm – the overlap time will now be just 20 minutes long.

The climb down over the clash will benefit both broadcasters in the long run in terms of press coverage of a “bitter ratings war” between them over the two talent competitions.

It is the second time in the past month that a big ratings show has been moved by a broadcaster to avoid a potentially costly clash. BBC One moved the finale of Call the Midwife by half an hour to avoid a clash with Coronation Street on ITV1 in a bid to avoid denting the ratings for the 1950s based drama.