South Park returns to Comedy Central UK

The sixteenth series of adult cartoon comedy South Park returns to Comedy Central in the UK later this month with an unimaginable catastrophe occuring in the premiere episode.

Reverse Cowgirl is the first of the new episodes to air in the UK on Comedy Central with Clyde being told by his mother time and time again about leaving the toilet seat up after he does his business, but does he listen?

Of course he doesn’t, and after failing to put the loo seat down one time too many, tragedy occurs when his mum falls into the toilet and dies. While the ‘TSA’ step in with drastic measures to prevent this atrocity from happening again, Clyde and his friends contact a lawyer to carry out a ‘sue-ance’.

The English inventor of the flushable toilet, John Harrington is summoned from the dead to compensate Clyde for his mum’s death.

South Park fans can watch the Season sixteen premiere episode from 10pm on Saturday March 17th as part of a double bill of episodes.