Fox announces season finale dates

FringeFox has announced season finale dates for a string of its shows such as New Girl, Bones, Raising Hope, House and Fringe.

Fox has revealed the finale dates for the 2011-12 season and some of the dates could very well be series finale dates as well. We already know that House is in its final series – after Fox announced earlier this year it would not order new episodes – but the fourth season finale of Fringe could very well serve as its series finale. The future of Fringe is about as clear as mud and a hot topic of debate; some argue it will get a fifth and final season order while others think its low ratings will now seal its fate. Fringe managed to get a fourth season despite the odds stacked up against it so a fifth season isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Raising Hope‘s season finale will air in just a couple of weeks; Tuesday 17th April. Then the season finale dates shift to May starting with New Girl on Tuesday 8th May. On the Friday of that week, May 11th, The Finder reaches its season finale – and possibly a series finale too. The Finder is widely seen as a contender for cancellation. That same night Fringe‘s fourth season will also come to a conclusion – but will the show’s coffin then be firmly nailed shut?

American Dad’s season ends on Sunday 13th May while Monday 14th May will see Bones reach the end of its current series. Animated comedies The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy will all end their current seasons on Sunday 20th May. The series finale of medical drama House, starring Hugh Laurie, will air on Monday 21st May. Beforehand a one-hour special will air looking back at the series. The third season of Glee will draw to a close on Tuesday 22nd May and American Idol‘s grand finale will air on Wednesday 23rd.