Stonewall to run bus adverts for Gay Marriage campaign

StonewallGay rights charity Stonewall has revealed it will fund a new advertising campaign to promote gay marriage.

The charity has funded a new campaign which will feature on 1000 buses in London during April promoting gay marriage. The buses will display the slogan ‘Some People Are Gay: Get Over It’ with a link to Stonewall‘s website on gay marriage and the campaign for it.

The charity is also asking social networking users to upload photos of the buses, as they spot them, on Twitter using the hashtag #equalmarriage – hoping it will becoming a trending topic on the site and also promotes the campaign beyond the confines of the capital.

‘In recent months Britain has been subjected to vitriolic political campaigning from people who want to impose their 19th-century values on 21st-century society.  Our very moderate and straightforward campaign – which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of Londoners, and many more people online – will help those who have been offended by anti-equality prejudice to tell the government why equal marriage is important to them.’  – Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall

The coalition government is currently holding a public consultation in the UK on introducing Civil gay marriages. The SNP led administration on Scotland held a separate consultation on the issue late last year stating it was “inclined” to introduce gay marriages. The proposals to legalise civil gay marriages have been criticised by the Church of England, Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in both countries but other religious groups such as Quakers, Liberal Jews and Pagans have welcomed the plans. {jcomments off}

Via Pink News