Sky News admit email hacking

Sky News has admitted it illegally hacked emails but defends activity due to ‘public interest’.

Sky News said due to the ‘public interest’ involved in creating the stories they were justified in taking the electronic violation.
The broadcaster responded to a story which was published by The Guardian yesterday in which it was reported that on two separate occasions Sky News illegally hacked into email accounts belonging to members of the public.
Sky News hacked into emails from John Darwin who faked his own death so his wife could make an insurance claim. Sky insist this was in the ‘public interest’ and handed all information over the police at the time. A managing editor at the time, Simon Cole, gave the go-ahead for Sky reporter Gerard Tubb to hack into the email account.
The news comes just days after BSkyB chairman James Murdoch stood down from the company. You can read the full Sky News statement by clicking here. [link expired]