Slim majority of MPs believe gay marriage will become law

A new poll reveals that only a slim majority of MPs believe the coalition government’s proposals to introduce civil marriages for gay and lesbian couples will become law.The new poll was commissioned by ComRed, the anti-marriage equality group Coalition Against Marriage. According to the poll only 56% of MPs questioned believed that marriage equality would be introduced in the UK. The survey found that confidence that marriage equality would be passed was stronger amongst Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs while Conservative MPs had a lower rate of 41%.

The coaliton’s proposals to introduce gay marriages to the UK has spilt the Conservative party with many opposing the plans even though party leader, and Prime Minister, David Cameron supports the proposals. Many Tory MPs oppose the plans on religious grounds labelling the plans “crazy”. While there are opponents within the Labour party as well the spilt isn’t nearly as public as the Tory party has become.

Opinion polls continue to put public support for gay marriage as in the majority despite outspoken attacks in equality from high ranking members of the Church of England and the Catholic Church. Not all religious groups are opposed to gay marriage though with groups such as Quakers and Liberal Jews openly welcoming the proposals.

The Times newspaper has also come out in support of gay marriage though sister paper The Sunday Times came out against the proposals at the weekend. In an editorial piece it labelled the proposals as “unnecessary” echoing comments by openly gay Labour MP Ben Bradshaw who accused the Tories of playing party politics with gay marriage rather than being genuinely interested in equality.