Jessie Wallace returning to EastEnders

EastEnders star Jessie Wallace will resume filming with the soap later this week.

The actress, who has played Kat Moon on and off since 2000, took a three-month break from the soap earlier this year. The actress requested the time off following her separation from partner Vince Morse. On-screen the character of Kat was temporarily written out to nurse her sick father Charlie Slater (Derek Martin).

The Sunday Mail reports that Wallace will return to work on the show later this week with her character returning on-screen in six weeks time.

“Jessie has had an ­incredibly tough time but the break has done her the world of good.” – EastEnders source

The actress is not the only cast member of EastEnders to have been given time off this year. Charlie Brooks, who plays scheming minx Janine Butcher, will be written out temporarily over the Summer. Reports claim Brooks’ exit is so she can participate in Strictly Come Dancing. Last week it was revealed that Lindsey Coulson and Patsy Palmer, who play mother and daughter Carol and Bianca Jackson, will also be written out for several months.

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 8.30pm.