Vampire Diaries: Elena to choose between Damon and Stefan

Paul Wesley and Nina DobrevJulie Plec, executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, has confirmed that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will make a choice between the Salvatore brothers in the upcoming third season finale.

The love triangle between Nina and brothers Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) has been an integral part of the supernatural drama since its pilot episode though the third season has seen the storyline intensify somewhat. The first part of season three – during which Stefan was AWOL from Mystic Falls with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) – saw Elena and Damon grow increasingly close leading to plenty of tension between the brothers when Stefan did return to the town.

Julie Plec, in an interview with Hitfix, has said that Elena’s choice will provoke a strong reaction from fans. ‘I might have to leave the country! No, for us it’s really, really important that we took a good, strong look at Elena’s character, at her wants and her needs, where she is in her life. Hopefully people who are fans of the show and fans of Elena and fans of real human behaviour will understand and respect the choice that she makes, in spite of a percentage being very sad and another percentage being happy.’

However, whoever Elena does chose that doesn’t mean the love triangle will be finally resolved. Plec teases ‘This show is a journey of a teenage girl finding her way back to life through the love of one vampire Ian Somerhalderand discovering maybe other elements of life through the love of another vampire, growing up, graduating high school, moving on. There’s a whole road for her still to travel and our brothers are in the middle of their journey as well. For us to say that this is the one and only choice and no other choice will ever be made would be premature’

The Vampire Diaries
continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2 in the UK. In America The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday evening to The CW with Heart of Darkness.

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