John Simm denies Doctor Who return rumours

John Simm has denied rumours that he is returning to Doctor Who.

The actor played the renegade criminal Time Lord The Master in several episodes of Doctor Who opposite David Tennant. Rumours recently circulated that Simm was to reprise the role in forthcoming episodes of the BBC sci-fi series. The rumours were sparked by IMDB’s cast list for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who.

Simm took to Twitter to deny the rumours writing ‘In reply to many, regardless of what it says on imdb, No i’m not returning to Dr Who. Got absolutely no plans to do so #hopethatclearsitup’

John Simm first played The Master in the closing minutes of Utopia in which he took over the role from Derek Jacobi. The story was the first-part in a three-part story to conclude Doctor Who’s third season. The character was seemingly killed off in Last of the Time Lords but was resurrected for David Tennant’s final story in the role; The End of Time.

Rumours over the past few months have centred on Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch taking over the role for next year’s 50th anniversary however these rumours have so far been denied.