BBC defend London Olympic coverage

The BBC has defended its current proposals for coverage of the upcoming Olympic Games in London.

There will be 33 hours a day of live coverage across BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three with an addition of 24 HD channels for every venue and continuing coverage across radio and other platforms. BBC’s Director of London 2012, Roger Mosey has said that with the increase in coverage means an increase in staff numbers.

“Our BBC accredited staff numbers for London 2012 will be 765 – an increase compared with the 493 we had in Beijing, of whom 437 were flown from London to China….providing 24 digital channels means that we need extra commentators and pundits. Otherwise there’d be nobody to explain what’s going on at 26 different sports.” – Mosey

He went on to say that a lot of the staff will be based in London already but some will be travelling from various parts of the country. A number of BBC News staff, already operation in London, will be covering the games.

“For those who do travel down, there will be overnight stays; but we’ve always been clear that almost all of them would have qualified for it anyway given the need to start early, finish late and get to venues on time – and many will be put up in low-cost student-type accommodation.” – Mosey added on his blog today


  • I know it will bring a lot of tourist trade to the UK but London is going to be a nightmare!

  • Sandy Richardson

    Wall to wall sport. Wasn’t programmes being taken off one of the most complained about things to the IBA in the 1980 broadcasting of the Olympic Games? I think Crossroads was the most complained about programme of that year – because it was taken off for the game coverage LOL!!

  • Pineapple Prance Studio

    I fancy going on a cruise for the summer avoid this yawnfest

  • Celebrate sport its what we must do!

  • At least it makes a change from dire EastEnders.

  • I will watch the swimming for the eye candy 🙂