New poll shows growing support for gay marriage in America

A new poll has shown that public support for gay marriage has grown amongst Americans.

For the first time the majority of those questioned for the poll are in favour or allowing gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. The results indicate that despite high profile opposition from leading figures within the Republican party the American public is increasingly moving towards equality.

The poll was conducted by The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press (PRC) and was based around three highly contentious issues for the American public; abortion, gun rights and equal marriage. The polls are conducted before Presidential campaigns to gage public opinion.

In terms of support for gay marriage those in favour now stand at 47% of those polled while 43% were opposed. While it is a slim majority it is never-the-less an important margin and demonstrates just how public opinion has changed over recent years. The previous poll in 2008 put public support for gay marriage at 39% with 51% opposing while the 2004 poll had public support at just 31% with 60% opposing.

There are a number of states in America which have legalised gay marriage such as New York, Iowa and more recently Washington state. There are though some states in the countries which are pressing ahead with bans on gay and lesbian couples marrying – such bans have the support of leading Republicans and religious leaders.

Written by Leanne Bryan

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  • Republicans (many of them) are ALWAYS opposing equal rights for the GLBT community and that makes me really annoyed. YO YO >>> It’s 2012 already ! Catch a CLUE……… GOP !