Kellie Bright makes brief EastEnders return

Tonight’s (16 March) EastEnders ended with a desolate Mick letting out an anguished scream atop the Queen Vic following his wife Linda leaving Walford again.

Actress Kellie Bright – who is currently on maternity leave from her role as Linda – has made a brief return to the soap.

Linda’s return – precipitated by a phone call from her concerned friend Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) – saw her find out about the problems that have befallen the Carter family in her absence with the leaky kitchen ceiling she was greeted with being just the tip of the iceberg.

Probing into Whitney’s (Shona McGarty) living arrangements led to Linda finding out about Lee and Whitney’s split and her son’s move to Dover and, after affronting Whitney with an accusation of cheating, she was also filled in about Lee being responsible for last year’s robbery on the Queen Vic.

The bad news kept on coming for poor Linda as Mick (Danny Dyer) shared with her the extent of their money problems and Lee’s involvement as the couple had a heart-to-heart in their bedroom.

Torn between her stroke-afflicted mum, who she has been looking after since Christmas, and her family in Walford, Linda made the decision to stick around only to have second thoughts when Whitney argued that Mick wouldn’t want Elaine on his conscience as well. However, Linda returning to her mum left Mick feeling as though he had been abandoned by his wife and his pain was obvious as he returned to the roof of the Vic to resume the DIY he’d started earlier in the day.

“She saw the mess I was in and she’s just left me.”– EastEnders character Mick

Show bosses kept the fact Linda was making a pit stop return to the serial under wraps before transmission, however had teased that a shock was in store for Mick. Bright is expected to return full-time to the soap in June and fans of Mick and Linda will be hoping that nothing further will happen between Mick and daughter-in-law Whitney in the meantime, the pair have already shared one kiss in Linda’s absence.

Linda’s return proved a welcome sight for some viewers with ‘Hutcherson Mellark’ tweeting “Such a nice surprise to see Linda back, the show hasn’t been the same without @kelliebright76” while ‘Linzi wright’ wrote “I am so glad @kelliebright76 is back on #eastenders missed her!!! Let’s get the carters back on track! no one better to do that than Linda!” ‘Lynne Barclay’ also approved of Linda’s return noting “So happy to see @kelliebright76 back tonight. Love how she plays Linda; strong one moment tears the next With her all the way! #eastenders.”

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm and 9pm on BBC One.