Emma Noble gets her act on with soap actor

James Major has warned wife Emma Noble’s lover: “Don’t even think about becoming a dad to my boy.” According to the Daily Star.

The son of the former Prime Minister reportedly spoke out yesterday after he discovered former EastEnders actor Graham McGrath – who played Luca Di Marco in the Walford soap – had moved into Major’s former luxury home he once shared with what the newspaper describes as ‘babe’ Emma and their son three-year-old son Harrison.

A friend told the paper, “James is absolutely gutted. He knows his marriage is over, but he can’t get his head around some other bloke playing daddy to Harrison. He’s told Emma in no uncertain terms not to think about letting McGrath start acting like his son’s father.”

McGrath and Noble met on ITV soap Crossroads back in March and shortly after their affair began. McGrath left his wife and newborn daughter Annabel to be with her, the pair played a short-lived married couple in the Birmingham based saga.

A close friend of hers added: “Graham gets on well with Harrison and Emma just felt it was time to make him more permanent fixture. James will have to lump it.”

Emma, 32, has filed for divorce from James, who now lives in Scotland and travels 800 miles regularly to visit his son.

The newspaper claims Noble has said the reason for her break-up with Major was that he refused to have sex for seven months.