Bob Says, opportunity knocked: Monkhouse dies

Comedy legend Bob Monkhouse has died aged 75.

Bob was one of ATV’s biggest stars in the 1960s presenting their flagship game show ‘The Golden Shot’ in the 1970s Celebrity Squares and in the 1980s Family Fortunes. He was one of the big names’ who appeared on ITV, and BBC, screens regularly over five decades with bosses knowing ratings would be a certainty.

Bob died in his sleep at home after a long battle with prostate cancer yesterday.

Asked about his health, he joked: “I saw a specialist who asked me ‘Are you familiar with the phrase faecal impaction?’. I said I think I saw that one with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.”

After ATV, which included a guest-spot in soap opera Crossroads, Bob went on to many other BBC television hits including Opportunity Knocks, Bob’s Full House, Bob Monkhouse On The Spot and The National Lottery Show to name only a small few. In recent years Bob also worked for Radio Two and was still appearing on BBC One daytime with his more recent quiz show, Wipeout.

A comedy genius who’s quick wit will be very much missed on stage and on screen.