Crossroads Volume Three DVD to be released

The third instalment of classic Crossroads episodes was scheduled for an April 2006 release, however we learn that its now a June date for volume three to hit the shelves.

In 2002, Carlton Television refused to release original Crossroads episodes, stating they didn’t believe there was enough demand for a DVD. Clearly, they’ve been proved very much wrong. Many didn’t expect volume one to sell well, and never expected any further releases. Thankfully Crossroads fans have once again made it clear, the original series is still popular and still very much missed.

The sale of Crossroads DVDs now puts the motel myths right, and shows the national press up to be what they were – liars. The sets don’t wobble any worse than the Coronation Street ones, fluffed lines are no worse than the Emmerdale Farm cock-ups and the episodes on mass are not poorly written.

The TV Critics who knocked it are now forgotten, this supposed awful show, 18 years on from its demise is still very much loved. A sweet revenge for a much misunderstood soap opera.

UPDATE – Release Delayed – 09/05/06

It seems Network DVD are having some sort of problem with Crossroads Volume Three, and also the 1960s release of Coronation Street episodes. The release date of June 19th has yet again been put back. No further details have been released, as of yet. We will keep you updates as and when we find out any further news on this.

DVD now back on as “soon to be released” also new sleeve released on 23/05/06