BBC Radio Twits



BBCTV Weekly is back – we’ve had our week off while ATV News moved to its new system – but now its time to get on with wrapping up the telly stories from the past few days in brief. And some news deserves to be very brief…

Twits On Two: It’s a story that has been overblown by – yet again – The Daily [hate] Mail newspaper, yes its the debacle that is Russell Brand and Johnathan Ross on BBC Radio Two. Okay, that’s slightly unfair to brand (no pun intended) their entire BBC output a debacle, so lets get to the point…

Ross and Brand broadcast a pre-recorded segment that was, at best, unfunny and, at worst, highly offensive to the “satanic slut” involved.


I think its more worrying that the newspaper wants to make television some horrid nice thing, that can not question, offend or debate unless its all PC correct and sweet. Get into the real world Mail, this isn’t Mary Poppins – everyone has the right to be questioned or offended. However, its all in how its done.

Sadly I doubt Ross or Brand will ever find the right way to do it. So the upshot is, some actor – a big star in Faulty Towers in the 1970s – had his phone bombarded by rude messages suggesting Brand had bonked his grand-daughter (which he had) and they then thought it would be funny to broadcast this on Radio Two.

The BBC has looked for people to blame; however the one to blame has quit – Russell Brand. It was his show, his production company – and his ultimate decisions. Let’s face facts; with egos the size of the Atlantic no ‘small time’ producer is going to be able to over-ride Brand or Ross’ choices.

The man who had to go has gone, hopefully for a wash and a good hard look at what humour is.

Unfortunately thanks to complainers egged on by the press (no doubt most never hearing the entire show or even the offending material) we have also seen the BBC Radio Two controller quit.

BBC Radio Two may have lost one of it’s best controllers, but their loss is The Sage’s gain. Lesley Douglas has now joined the music venue in Gateshead as one of its bosses.

Still you have to laugh, I’d never have thought I’d have seen the day when the Daily Mail were backing a girl who is proud to boast she’s part of a gang called the ‘Satanic Sluts’. You couldn’t make it up!

Further Reading: BBC Press Release on Brand.

Ross Is Off: Sticking with the same topic – boring I know, but well we did have to cover it on ATV News at some point – having been suspended for a few weeks by the BBC for his involvement with the childish prank aired on Russell Brand’s Radio Two show, Jonathan Ross has decided to pull out of hosting this year’s Comedy Awards on ITV.

Maybe he was worried someone may air the latest joke (well it is based on his ‘humour’ so not that funny really) doing the rounds: “Did you hear about Jonathan Ross’ daughter? They’ve found out who her latest f**k was… he’s called Gary Glitter.”

No Pop For Christmas Tops: The BBC has decided to finally lay to rest Top Of The Pops – there will be no Christmas special this year.

Ever since 1964 the BBC has aired the festive edition on Christmas Day with a look back at the best songs from the past 12 months as well as celebrating the all-important Christmas number one.

It had been reported that X Factor supremeo Simon Cowell had tired to save the show by offering to buy the format from the BBC.

“If they don’t want it, I’ll take it. I’m serious. They can give it to me or I will give them a bit of money. Why end the tradition?” he said last week.

The corporation has declined the offer, and instead will be airing a number of Top Of The Pops 2 festive specials instead. Cheapskates.

Countback: Yorkshire Television’s search for a new host of Countdown still continues. At this rate they’ll be offering it to Piers Morgan; they seem to be getting that desperate. Two words for YTV: Alan Titchmarsh. He has the granny audience wrapped round his green little finger.

Rising Dampner: And finally Don Warrington – star of Rising Damp and coffee adverts – was the latest celebrity to be kicked off – award winning – Strictly Come Dancing. We should at this point offer our congratulations to Strictly for beating the X Factor to best entertainment show at this years National Television Awards.

Goes to show that Brucie still has it, has it he has. Okay, I’ll leave the legend to the catchphrases…