Airey wants a million for Five


Five logo, copyright FiveFive’s new chief executive, Dawn Airey, has set her commissioners a tough target by telling them for all peak time output on the channel should have at least one million viewers.


copyright FiveDawn Airey, Five’s new chief executive, has already been making her presence at the broadcast felt by telling her commissioners that from now on all peaktime output on the broadcaster must pull in at least one million viewers. Airey has also told commissioners that she wants more fast turn-around documentaries and more humour in the station’s output.


This week Five pulled in one million viewers for its fast turn-around documentary on ‘Manuel-gate’ in which the broadcaster secured an interview with Georgina Baillie, the woman at the centre of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross prank phone calls. The documentary pulled in one million viewers for the broadcast and Airey wants to see that success repeated with more such documentaries, taking a look at topical events, and also wants similar ratings across Five’s peaktime output.


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