EastEnders Christmas Pictures

Tuesday 23rd December 7.30pm on BBC1
Above: Jane’s fury boils over when Ian comes clean about a secret business deal with Masood.

Wednesday 24th December 8.00pm on BBC1
Above: Sean and the Mitchells coo over the latest addition to the family and it’s smiles all round but for how long?

Thursday 25th December 8.00pm on BBC1
Above: The Mitchells prepare to have their Christmas dinner while Suzy gives everyone a piece of her mind.

Thursday 25th December 9.00pm on BBC1
Above: Sean’s unhappy after looking at the contents of his Christmas cracker – perhaps he’d have preferred the yoyo and paper hat after all?

Friday 26th December 8.00pm on BBC1
Above: Shirley gives Suzy a belated Christmas present.