New Year, New Start

It’s a brand new year and a brand new columnist joins our site, in the first of her six forthcoming columns Ashleigh talks about New Year, Hope and American politics. My New Year was eventful in the fact that at least something happened.

Every year when I was a wee gal I heard the chimes of Big Ben and watched the South Bank fireworks, on the television. I moved to London in September for university so this year I actually got to go. My friend, a few of her friends and me all traipsed down to the South Bank and for an hour stood underneath the Shell building, eating biscuits and freezing our tits off.

“How long do we have to stand here? God is it time yet? I’m bored!” Ruth kept moaning. She was getting boring. Shame we had to be about 100 yards from The Thames, ‘cause I would of loved to of chucked her in. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… The wait was over as the countdown begun and I don’t think I’ve ever shouted so loud or screamed when Big Ben started to chime.

Now, I don’t know about you but when New Year happens for me, a huge wave of emotion flies over me and stops at my heart so I have to catch my breath. It’s a split second thing but it always means Hope. January 1st signals a clean slate, the beginning, the chance to do this year what you didn’t do last year…or attempt again this year what you couldn’t manage last year! Every year my resolution was to “pull my socks up” at school and to “knuckle down” and work harder. Every year. Promise! But this year was different. I had decided to not have a resolution, I never keep them and if we’re honest none of us do! But when Big Ben got drowned out by the echo of bangs from the, superb, fireworks I felt that Hope again. And so here it is, my expectation of 2009 being a good’un because wow there’s so much going on. Personally and in the world. The most obvious one being the inauguration of America’s first mixed race President, Barack Obama, on January 20th.

Some readers may wonder why I didn’t use the usual media tag he’s been given, and I haven’t used the word ’black’ because he isn’t. His Mom is white, his Dad is black, he, Barack Obama, is mixed race and that is a different entity altogether. Progress, especially for America, none the less and although he remains untested I have the utmost belief he will do great things. Even if I did support Hillary Clinton!

Having just finished Jane Fonda’s autobiography My Life So Far (read it, it’s one of the best books I‘ve ever read!) I have been inspired to be more active in my politics and that starts with Feminism.

I won’t go into on my first post but watch this space. Having been given a free reign to write about anything, which I’d like to thank my editor for!, who knows what will fill this space…a love letter, a story, a rant (more than likely!) or just…words. Whatever it is, I hope you stay for the ride and enjoy it. And, I hope that you have been filled with Hope for 2009, that great things happen for you and for your families and you all stay healthy and happy. And on that slushy note…

Until next time, go with love.

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