ITV to show fewer International Shows

itvITV will broadcast fewer shows produced internationally as the broadcaster scales back its acquisitions of shows such as Pushing Daisies and Gossip Girl.

ITVIn the future they’ll be less acquired shows from the international market on ITV as the broadcaster will scale back its bidding for acquired programming in order to focus its budgets on original UK programming. ITV has to cut back costs due to the worsening economic climate and the fact that last year the broadcaster made huge losses. Part of the cuts at ITV have come from job losses and studio closures but acquiring programmes from overseas, such as America or Australia, will be scaled back.

Warner BrothersAt present ITV air America shows such as Pushing Daisies – which will come to an end shortly – Gossip Girl, Numb3rs and Supernatural – which is rumoured to end after its fifth season. Pushing Daisies hasn’t performed brilliantly for ITV1 and it was axed in America due to low ratings. It’s likely that Gossip Girl and Numb3rs will remain with ITV2 as they perform well for the digital channel.