Enders Archie WILL Be Back

EastEnders have confirmed that actor Larry Lamb will shortly return to filming with the soap.
The character of Archie was first seen in July 2008 during a special week of episodes set in Weymouth. There the character told daughter Ronnie that her daughter whom she’d given up for adoption some years earlier had died. He also wooed Walford favourite Peggy Mitchell and he later arrived in the Square to be with her. It soon transpired that Archie was only using Peggy to control the family and get close to his daughters Ronnie and Roxy but the biggest shock was still to come when Ronnie’s long lost daughter Danielle whom Archie had pretended was dead arrived in the Square.
Just as he was beginning to build bridges with daughter Ronnie and was about to marry Peggy, he discovered Danielle’s true identity and tried to get her away from the Square. Unfortunately for Archie, his best efforts didn’t go to plan and his web of lies and deceit came pouring out on his wedding day. Peggy finally saw her new hubby for what he was and threw him out and tragically his long lost granddaughter Danielle died after being run over by Janine Butcher. With his family turning their back on him, Archie decided to leave Walford and Phil threatening to kill him only helped him to come to that decision.
Now the character will be returning to the show it has been confirmed. Larry is expected to return to filming in the next few months and will be back on screens in the summer.

“Will he come back a reformed character desperate to rebuild his family again? Or will he cause yet more upset and mayhem for the Mitchells?” teased a Walford insider.