Neighbours goes back to its roots – again


Flagging Australian soap Neighbours is to “go back to its roots” in another revamp to turn around the fortunes of the programme.

neighboursOnce again Aussie soap Neighbours is set to “go back to its roots” in an attempt to turn around its flagging fortunes. The soap has been struggling for some years now in the ratings in Australia and has undergone several revamps to boost ratings. In 2007 the soap underwent a similar revamp in a bid to move away from the dramatic and sensationalist plots the soap had been running previously, in a bid to compete with Home and Away, but ratings failed to pick-up over a long term period.

Two years down the line and the soap is once again trying to return to basics, concentrating on families and characters, but as it didn’t work in 2007 what makes producers think it’ll work in 2009? In recent weeks the soap has come under fire from Conservative Christian groups who have objected to a teenage pregnancy plot in the series but lucky for Neighbours the groups wrath has mostly been focused on Home and Away which as dared to feature a lesbian storyline.