Bi Weekly – Issue Three


Queer as Folk USAAfter much persuasion we’ve decided to re-launch our gay spy section as a bi-weekly magazine style round up of the latest news from the LGBT world but as you’ve come to expect from us we don’t just report the news, we comment on it as well. So along with news and views we also have a few other features lined-up for you in this third issue of Bi-Weekly.


Gossip Girl: Wednesdays, ITV2.



H&A Lesbian Saga Continues!

The saga of the lesbian storyline in Home and Away continues as bosses for the Aussie soap Home and Awayannounce they’ll be a second lesbian kiss in the show and it will air. The lesbian storyline in the popular Australian soap hasn’t met with positivity down-under where Conservative Christian groups have lobbied against it claiming such a storyline isn’t suitable for children. Something of a media storm has surrounded the long-running series since the introduction of the romance and has provided inches of column space for newspapers in Australia. However, former Home and Away actress Debra Lawrence, who played Pippa Fletcher, points out the soap had a lesbian storyline 12 years ago.


“I’ve been reading that people have had a few issues with the lesbian storyline, but what they forget is that Isla Fisher’s character, Shannon, left the show with another woman. We did this 12 years ago – it’s already been done. It’s probably just a case of a new generation of parents coming through I guess.” – Debra Lawrence talking to TV Week.


The actress once again returns to Home and Away to reprise her role of Pippa Fletcher for episodes to be broadcast in Australia next week. They’ll air in the UK, on Five, in a few weeks time.


Lesbian for Corrie


Coronation Street is set to introduce a lesbian character – if the tabloids are to be believed – and it’ll be none other than Sophie Webster. She with the completely different accent to the rest of her family even Sophie Websterthough she’s lived on the street all her life – please someone explain that one away. Sophie has recently turned from her attention seeking stunts, such as sending threatening postcards to her parents and pretending she was pregnant, to Christianity. However, it now seems she’ll be turning to something else as well – lesbianism. Was it all those years of just fish fingers for tea that turned Sophie into a lesbian? Corrie bosses are considering the lesbian plot as they feel the ITV soap needs to be more representative of modern-day society. After all at that moment several characters are just walking stereotypes. Like Dev for example who owns the corner shop. Or Sean who is as camp as Christmas and about as talented at acting as a Christmas Tree.


Dante’s Cove: Back in the Winter


Dante's CoveFans of trashy supernatural soap Dante’s Cove will be delighted to hear that the Here TV! Series will be back for a fourth season in the winter. The third series ended in 2007 so it’s been something of a long wait for fans of the show. There’s no news of who’ll be returning for the fourth season – as yet – but we’ll upload any such news the moment we hear it!



The Lair – Season Three


The LairWhile Dante’s Cove won’t be back until the winter its spin-off series The Lair will be back for its third season very shortly. We haven’t got exact dates for its return at the moment but we’ve been told it will air sometime in the Spring – which is now. The first series of the gay vampire series was recently released on DVD in the UK. It shouldn’t be too long before the second season also makes its way onto DVD this side of the Pond.


Ben Miller Defends Moving Wallpaper


Actor Ben Miller has defended his ITV1 satirically comedy series Moving Wallpaper against Moving Wallpaperaccusations of transphobia. The ITV1 series came under fire several weeks ago when it featured a transgender character called Georgina who was the butt of the jokes throughout the episode. The character was also referred to as “it”, “he” and “he/she” by several other characters. The episode prompted 85 complaints to media-regulator Ofcom while a Facebook group was set up, which now has nearly 500 members, complaining about the episode. Actor Ben Miller plays fictional producer Jonathan Pope in the series and has defended the episode against the accusations.


“While on the one hand I would hate to feel that people were offended by comedy, I also think we have realise when we are offended by something that other people are not necessarily offended in the same way, or that that doesn’t necessarily mean that that material shouldn’t be shown. It simply means that we have found it offensive and quite often that is simply a necessary function of comedy” – Actor Ben Miller talking to Press Association.


You can read our original story on this subject by clicking here >>


“Gay-Delay” for BBC


The BBC is to introduce a few system to prevent its presenters and programmes for landing in hot water over the use of homophobic jokes and jibes. The corporation will introduce a new five-minute delay on Radio and live television programmes in order to stop any such comments from being aired. The delay will allow the offensive material to be edited out. The new system has been dubbed “gay-delay” and is being introduced after unfunny Radio One host Chris Moyles once again offended listeners with gay jokes, this time concerning openly out singer Will Young. Media regulator Ofcom found the DJ in breach of its Broadcasting Codes over the incident.



Who’s Hotter: The Results


The Winner - FreddieIn our last issue we asked you the very tough question of who was fitter out of Freddie and Cooke from Skins. Well you emailed in and voted and by a very narrow margin it was Freddie who won. Maybe all that time he spent topless, seemingly at least once in every episode, helped him claim victory. We did have a very few emails asking why JJ and Thomas were not included in the competition but to be honest they would only have been there to make up numbers.



Who’s Hotter: Primeval Boys V Robin Hood Boys


 Primeval  Primeval  Primeval  Primeval
 Robin Hood  Robin Hood  Robin Hood  Robin Hood



We’ve made it slightly more interesting this week as we’ve put two casts up against each other – well the male casts anyway. Yes we’re asking you which male cast is fitter – Primeval or Robin Hood. Do men in tights with bows and arrows do it for you or a nice black uniform with a lovely big gun is more your thing? Yes not only are you expected to pick between the two shows on Saturday evenings you’re now expected to pick which cast is fitter – so get judging! Send your vote to us by emailing us:



The Big Question – Queer as Folk Response


In our last issue we asked you which version of gay-drama Queer as Folk you preferred: the original American cast of Queer as FolkBritish version or its American counter-part. Now we have to say usually when this comes up for debate it’s the British version that wins. The old theme that the original is best wins out. But this time around we were pleasantly surprised as most of you said you preferred the American version. Now this could be because three, of the five, seasons of the American series are now available to buy on DVD allowing you all to judge the series – and the men – for yourself. We hear that Season Four is due out later this year and we’ll be keeping a very close eye on that one.



“The American version is definitely better. Hotter men, better storylines, ran for longer.” – Stevie


“The American version didn’t just die out after two seasons it went on. It wasn’t afraid to continue and tackle other subjects” – Tommy


“Who wouldn’t prefer Justin, Brian and Mikey over their English counter-parts?” – Ryan


“The original for me. Ground-breaking stuff.” – Roger



The Big Question – Is Camp Funny?


Well with Queer as Folk out the way we can move on to this issue’s big question – Is Camp Funny? Julian ClaryOver the past few weeks there’s been a lot of tabloid coverage about this – well hysteria – as the Government considers new laws which would outlaw homophobic comedy. The tabloid press has twisted this to suit their own narrow-minded agenda and are claiming that camp comedy will be banned and they’ll be no more Pantomime Dames! But the big question remains, is camp actually funny? Do you think camp funny? Is it laugh-a-minute comedy or insulting and stereotypical? Give us your views! Email us at:


Photo of the Week


The Apprentice



It’s that dishy Ben Clarke from the latest series of The Apprentice. We can’t resist a man in a suit especially when he’s this dishy and it certainly makes watching The Apprentice worthwhile. If you’ve missed the latest series it’s still not too late to get involved. The Apprentice is on Wednesdays evenings on BBC One at 9pm.



Bi Weekly Recommends – Easy Virtue


Brilliant British comedy film starring Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas ATVand is set in the 1920s. Ben Barnes plays John Whitaker who has been travelling around the world and returns to his home, a big country mansion, with American Larita [Jessica Biel] as his new wife. A battle of the wits begins between Larita and John’s mother, Veronica [Kristin Scott Thomas], over the affection of John. Both women are determined to win the battle and the power struggle between them results in some brilliantly funny moments. The film is accompanied by a glorious sound-track with a real 1920s feel.



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