Ken Barlow sparks Christian Anger

As unlikely as it may seem Ken Barlow is at the centre of complaints after the Corrie character spoke out against Christianity in an episode screened over Easter.

It’s probably a real first for Coronation Street that Ken Barlow should be at the centre of complaints. Though it’s not a first the soap will probably be celebrating. Why has Ken sparked complaints? Well in an episode aired over Easter the educated character spoke out against Christianity, prompting complaints from the few that had bothered to tune in. The episode in question was seen by just 5.4 million viewers – nearly half of what the soap usually attracts – but even with that low figure it seemed some could take offence.

The comments that angered watching viewers concerned Ken attacking the teaching of creationalism in schools and that people should seek strength in society rather than “supernatural being”. There were several other comments made by Ken that were against the Church and Christianity. Later a Church service was seen in a plot nicked from The Vicar of Dibley – as the service was for animals as well.

The comments by Ken come as the character of Sophie Webster explores her new-found Christian beliefs and are probably there to balance out things but sadly not everyone saw it that way. Both Ofcom and ITV reportedly received complaints about the series of remarks.