Luke Jacobz Returns To Home and Away

Former Home and Away star Luke Jacobz is set to make a return to Summer Bay as police officer Angelo Rosetta.
According to a report in The Daily Telegraph the 28-year-old said that he is relishing returning to his role as the most hated character in the show’s history.

“For many years I’ve played the likeable characters that never do anything wrong, so it’s been great to walk into a room and have daggers thrown at you. It’s good playing a character that isn’t liked. Everyone hates him and it’s been great to play something new.” said Jacobz.

Earlier this year, viewers were left stunned when Angelo fatally shot fellow police officer Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien).
Jacobz, who previously starred on rural drama McLeod’s Daughters, said that he would remain with Home and Away for the foreseeable future.