Fletcher O’Leary To Leave Neighbours

It has been announced that Neighbours actor Fletcher O’Leary is to leave the series.
Fletcher joined the cast two years ago as Ned’s secret son, Mickey Gannon, and has remained with the soap despite the departure of both his parents. But with the Parkers set to depart Erinsborough, Mickey will be leaving too, to join Ned and Kirsten in Perth.

Fletcher’s final episode will transmit on Australian screens in early July.
Meanwhile, it has also been announced that veteran star Tom Oliver is to cut back his hours with the Aussie soap and will follow Ian Smith’s (Harold Bishop) lead by only appearing in the series on a part-time basis. Tom’s new contract will see him alternate between four-month blocks of filming, then four-month breaks but, unlike Ian, Tom will remain a part of the regular cast and has no immeadiate plans to quit the series.