Enders Chelsea Fan Of The Snogs

EastEnders actress Tiana Benjamin has revealed that she has no objection to her character kissing men.
Speaking to The Sun, the star revealed that she tries to enjoy romantic moments as much as possible to keep her performances believable for viewers.

“I haven’t got a propblem with it at all. I can’t really afford to have a problem with it as I know Chelsea would think nothing of going over to a guy and snogging their face off! It can be a little bit strange wheny ou don’t know the other actor very well but sometimes that can help because you just get on with it.” she revealed.

Benjamin has played Chelsea Fox in the London set soap since 2006 and her character has featured in storylines covering perjury and the usual soap staple of having her heart broken by men.
Currently her character Chelsea is enjoying a romance with newcomer to the series Theo Kelly played by Rolan Bell.

Speaking of her character’s latest romance the actress said “From what we’re watching at the moment we’re going to see a lot more of Theo and it’s going to get quite steamy but it also becomes more genuine.”