Home and Away Producer Defends Lesbian Storyline

A producer on Australian soap Home and Away has defended the soap’s current lesbian storyline following the recent furor over a gay kiss in the series.

Cameron Welsh who works on the soap as Series Producer told TV Soap magazine “The idea of this show has always been that we hold a mirror to society – and when society changes, we change with it.

What’s ahead in Home and Away is right not only for the series, but also for the times we are living in.”

The plot features Summer Bay locals Charlie Buckton played by Esther Anderson and Joey Collins played by Kate Bell embarking on a romance but the storyline has sparked furious debate in Australia with conservative and family groups clashing with gay rights activists.

Speaking of her character’s romance, Anderson also defended the plot saying “I feel it’s time for us to be telling this story. It’s really important for us to reflect society, and this storyline is what is going on for many people in real life.”

“I didn’t think it would be so shocking but I’m glad we are now exploring what a gay relationship is. I look forward to the time when they [Charlie and Joey] become just another couple in the town’s population.” she added.