Guiding Light fans petition soap’s axe

Fans of axed American soap opera Guiding Light have started an on-line petition to save the world’s longest running soap opera.

Fans of axed CBS soap Guiding Light have joined forces and started a petition to save the soap. Earlier this month it was announced that CBS had decided to cancel the series due to declining ratings, which have been a problem for most daytime soaps in America for a decade now. However, Guiding Light has clocked up a staggering 72 years having started originally on radio before crossing over to television. It is the world’s longest running soap opera.

So far nearly 13,000 people have signed the petition to save the series. Producers of the series Proctor and Gamble have vowed to find a new home for the soap and are said to be in talks with several cable channels. Guiding Light is due to end on CBS in September so a new home for it would have to be found well in advance of then.