Season Eight of Spooks enters production

BBCThe eight season of BBC One spy- drama Spooks enters production. Contains BBC Press Release.

BBCAward-winning drama Spooks is back in production, for a fantastic, high octane eighth series and is set to return to BBC One this autumn. Following the dramatic climax of series seven viewers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to find out which of the country’s finest spies will return to their screens in the Kudos Film and Television production.

The critically-acclaimed last series saw the appointment of ice cold Ros Myers (Hermione Norris) to Head of Section D and the release of Lucas North (Richard Armitage) after eight years in a Russian prison.

Harry Pearce’s (Peter Firth) elite team of spies were forced to quickly adapt to their new dynamic following the death of Adam Carter, but there was no time to mourn their colleague as the Russians descended on London and a mole within Section D was discovered. In the explosive finale of the series, old school spy Connie James was exposed as the Russian’s insider and, in a race to save London from a nuclear explosion, she paid the ultimate price for betrayal, sacrificing herself to save Ros and Lucas.

Although London was saved from disaster, it’s not over for Section D as Harry is missing in action following a meet with the Russian intelligence services, the FSB, and was last seen being bundled into the boot of a car…

“I’m really relishing the challenge of maintaining Spooks’ reputation for gripping, fast-paced drama which keeps viewers guessing and glued to their seats.” – Chris Fry, Producer

“Series seven was such a huge success, it managed to really capture the imagination of fans and critics alike, so this series we’re pushing ourselves even harder to stay ahead of the news agenda and keep viewers hooked. We have plenty of twists and turns up our sleeves and can’t wait to see the response from fans.” – Simon Crawford Collins, Executive Producer, Kudos Film and Television

“After being widely acclaimed last year we’re delighted Spooks is back with what promises to be an equally explosive new series. Spooks attracts a loyal audience who relish the show’s trademark ability to excite and surprise whilst tackling issues at the forefront of the current news agenda.” – Kate Evans, BBC Executive Producer

Spooks is a Kudos Film and Television production for BBC One. It is produced by Chris Fry and executive produced by Simon Crawford Collins, Andrew Woodhead and Karen Wilson for Kudos Film and Television and Kate Evans for the BBC. The series is written by Ben Richards, Zinnie Harris, Christian Spurrier, David Farr, Jack Lothian, James Dormer and Dennis Kelly, and directed by Alrick Riley, Sam Miller and Edward Hall. The 8 x 60-minute series is due for broadcast on BBC One in Autumn 2009.