Shameless MURDER!

C4The sixth season finale of Channel Four’s Shameless will see a regular character killed off – and it’ll be murder!

Time is running out for one of the Maguire clan!

The sixth season of Shameless will draw to a close next Tuesday and will a regular character killed off – in a murder! According to tabloid newspaper The Mirror one of the gangster Maguire family will be killed off in dramatic style – in a bloody murder. One of the Maguire’s will meet their marker and it could just be at the hands of another family member. Possible murder victims include Paddy, Mimi, Mandy or Karen. According to the paper the murder is connected to Paddy’s heroin addiction – could Mimi have decided enough is enough? Or could Paddy have killed his wife in a heroin induced rage?

The paper reports that a seventh series will begin production later this year and will run for another 16 episodes – however, this contradicts earlier statements by Channel Four indicating only eight episodes would be made due to budget cut-backs. However, it is possible that the broadcaster has now managed to finance 16 more episodes.