Question Time Moves to 9pm

BBCTonight’s edition of the political discussion show Question Time will be moved to an earlier time of 9pm following huge ratings for last week’s episode in the wake of the MP’s expenses scandal. After another big week in Parliament, such as the registration of the Speaker, the BBC hope once more to draw big audiences to Question Time.


Tonight’s episode of Question Time will move into the prime-time as BBC One pushes the topical discussion show out of its post news slot to capitalise on another eventful week in politics. Last week’s edition saw ratings soar to nearly four million viewers following revelations in The Daily Telegraph over MP’s expenses. It’s been another eventful week for Parliament with more revelations about expense claimed by MP’s published and also the registration of the Speaker of the House. With such events going on controller of BBC One, Jay Hunt, has taken the decision to move this week’s episode to an earlier slot to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

The series is hosted by David Dimbleby and tonight’s panel will consist of; William Hague, Ben BBCBradshaw, Martin Bell and UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen. Last week’s panel, in which Margaret Beckett and Sir Ming Campell were members off, were heckled by the angry audience as they struggled to answer questions regarding the expenses they claimed. David Dimbleby had to step in at one point and tell the audience to be quiet in order to allow the panel to answer the questions put to them.