Hustle Moves To The Midlands

Hit BBC One drama Hustle is relocating to the Midlands for its next series.

Produced by Kudos Films the sixth series will be based in Birmingham after teaming up with Advantage West Midlands and Screen WM – tapping into the agency’s Advantage Media Production Fund.

Screen WM comment the move to Birmingham will see ”The city’s many and varied locations providing a new backdrop for the popular drama which is broadcast across the world. This is a major coup for the city and forms part of a wider strategy by Screen WM to secure and create a more sustainable screen media sector in the West Midlands.”

Hustle, created by former EastEnders’ writer Tony Jordan, evolves around team of con artists who target the rich and the greedy. Cast include Matt Di Angelo, Kelly Adams and Robert Glenister – who has been with the series since its launch.

The switch of location to Birmingham is fantastic news for the West Midlands region. The series will bring an estimated £1.2 million into the local economy and will provide jobs for local crew.

Other famous Birmingham-based series include Boon, which starred the late Michael Elphick as detective Ken Boon, the BBC’s medical centre based soap Doctors lead by Diane Keen as Julia Parsons.

Also ATV serial General Hospital which was set in a Midland town hospital (it later moved production to Elstree) with Tony Adams as Neville Bywaters and of course Crossroads, set in a motel overseen by Noele Gordon as Meg Richardson, which is still the longest running Midland-based serial to date.