Hollyoaks Actor Shoots Oscar Wilde Film Adaption

Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy has signed up for ‘The Louis Vuitton Bag’, a modern day film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.

The 90-minute feature will be directed by Karl Golden and produced by Samson Films, the production company behind the 2008 Oscar winning film

Primary shooting begins in July on this modern tale of blackmail, infidelity and recession set in Dublin.

McCarthy, who plays Kris Fisher in Hollyoaks, has been given the go ahead by the show’s producer Lucy Allan to film ‘The Louis Vuitton Bag’.

McCarthy also announced that he is to stay in Hollyoaks until 2010, quashing all previous rumours that he is leaving the show.

Speaking from Liverpool last night Gerard said “I’m delighted to be on board. ‘The Louis Vuitton Bag’ is a sexy, modern, contemporary look at an Oscar Wilde classic.”

Regarding those exit rumours, McCarthy stated quite firmly “I love my character Kris Fisher. He is so ‘out there’, in your face and ready to shock at every turn. Every day he creates a new drama so who knows what the unconventional Kris will trigger in 2010.”