More Rudeness for Four

Channel 4 announced today that Alex Zane is to return with a brand new series of Rude Tube, the show that brings the world’s most popular, brilliant, inspired, funny, bizarre and downright rude internet clips.

Its a fast paced, top 50 countdown of up-loaded video that ranges from hidden rare gems to mega-million-hit blockbusters. This new series showcases the very best of the You Tube revolution: a world in which you can now watch almost anybody, doing anything, whenever and wherever you want.

First in the series is “Heroes and Villains” a show that celebrates the goodies and baddies now immortalised on the web. These are the men, woman and beasts caught up in timeless battle between good and evil, including such epic struggles as: man versus sofa, tree versus house and monkey versus car.  In short, the stuff of legend.
Sourced from tens of thousands of notorious clips that exist online, this top 50 countdown features moments of internet brilliance from all over the globe. Rude Tube returns to Channel 4 at 9.00pm on Friday October 9th.