Tories threat to BBC

If the Conservative Party came to power in the next election it would ‘rip up the BBC charter’ in a radical overhaul of the corporation which would threaten its future.


bbcIn an interview with the Financial Times Tory culture spokesperson Jeremy Hunt has revealed Tory plans for the BBC. Hunt revealed just how much of a threat a Tory government would be to the future of the iconic and world renowned broadcaster. The Conservatives would ‘rip up the BBC charter’ and signal a radical overhaul of the corporation.

“We will have a very fundamental root-and-branch discussion with the BBC about all its activities. We haven’t made a decision on the timing of changes in the governance structure, but we do think the structure … has failed. We are looking into whether it would be appropriate to rip up the charter in the middle of it, or whether one should wait.” – Jeremy Hunt in the Financial Times


Also on the hit list of a possible Tory government would be the BBC Trust which Hunt claimed acts as a Cheerleader and regulator for the corporation. The Tories are, historically speaking, typically opposed/skeptical towards state broadcasting and prefer, instead, commercial broadcasting along the lines of ITV. During the previous Tory government, under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, the Tories deregulated much of the television industry which allowed the various ITV franchises to slowly buy each other out.

 This resulted, in 2003, in the merger of Carlton and Granada – the last two franchise holders in England after they took over all their rivals. Since the merger of Carlton and Granada in 2003 ITV has struggled with advertising revenue and struggled to find hit shows beyond the entertainment formats of X-Factor and Dancing on Ice. ITV has also been accused of dumbing down its content and abandoning regional programming and news.