More trouble ahead for Dollhouse

Joss Whedon’s struggling series Dollhouse looks set to have another nail in its coffin as reports in American indicate broadcaster Fox are poised to yank the series off-air during November.


FoxThe much troubled existance of Dollhouse looks set to continue for a while longer as its been reported by Michael Ausiello on Entertainment Weekly that Fox are poised to yank the Sci Fi series off air during the all important November sweeps. Dollhouse returned to screens stateside several weeks ago for its second season but once again low ratings have plagued the series although DVR figures are still good. Last week Fox promised to air all the remaining episodes of the second season but wouldn’t commit to additional episodes until all 13 episodes had aired.


The announcement that all 13 episodes would air on Fox was seen as a positive sign by fans but now another nail in Dollhouse’ coffin seems well and truly hammered in with the news that it’s unlikely to air in November on Fox. According to the report on Entertainment Weekly Fox will remove Dollhouse during November but will air it throughout December with back-to-back episodes. The report also suggests that Fox are unlikely to order any more episodes and that Dollhouse will effectively be cancelled. However, it would be foolish to write-off the series just yet as last year it got a surprise renewal due to its strong performance through DVR figures and because of strong DVD sales.